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This uses JavaScript Math.random() to generate the passwords, but does not post the form. The script does not require an active connection, so you can physically remove your internet connection before generating any passwords if concerned about security.

Valid Characters

The left column checkboxes are for specifying characters that are valid at the beginning of the password; the second column checkboxes specify characters that are valid for the rest of the password.

Start Middle  
Capital Letters A-Z
Lowercase Letters a-z
Numerals 0-9
Unambiguous Alphanumerics
Capital Letters A-Y, except I, O, and S
Lowercase Letters a-z, except l
Numerals 3-9, except 5
Other Characters (in ASCII order)
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Exclamation Mark "!"
Double Quote ' " '
Number Sign "#"
Dollar Sign "$"
Percent Sign "%"
Ampersand "&"
Apostrophe " ' "
Left Parenthesis "("
Right Parenthesis ")"
Asterisk "*"
Plus Sign "+"
Comma ","
Hyphen "-"
Period "."
Slash "/"
Colon ":"
Semicolon ";"
Less Than "<"
Equals Sign "="
Greater Than ">"
Question Mark "?"
At-Sign "@"
Left Square Bracket "["
Backslash "\"
Right Square Bracket "]"
Circumflex (Caret) "^"
Underscore "_"
Grave Accent "`"
Left Curly Brace "{"
Vertical Bar "|"
Right Curly Brace "}"
Tilde "~"